Tis’ the Season: Keep the Peace (Better) with Ten Co-Parenting Holiday Tips

10. Don’t push send. Email. Text. IM. Tweet. Whatever. When you ex irritates you and you are tempted to shoot back a zinger, resist. Wait three hours and revisit the issue once you’ve calmed down. Then, craft a diplomatic response.

9. Be flexible. What goes around, comes around. There is a lot to do during the holidays and lots of changes for everyone with busy schedules. When your ex asks you to make a change to the plan, try to be flexible. You’ll want the reciprocation sometime down the road. It’s a good time of year to remember the Golden Rule.

8. If you make holiday cards using a photo of your children, add the other parent to your recipient list. It’s the right thing to do.

7. Don’t argue in front of the children at exchanges. Ever. But, especially not during December.

6. Don’t sabotage faith based traditions of the other parent. Even if you don’t share those ideals, give your kids the safe space to establish healthy faith based experiences without being told its nonsense, dumb, etcetera.

5. Be polite at children’s holiday festivities. Come on we’re all supposed to be the adults here. Let’s all start acting like it. No need to wait for a New Year’s resolution.

4. Have your child(ren) make a holiday craft (or ensure they a buy gift) for their other parent. Your kids love both parents, no matter what; this way you are demonstrating respect and kindness for your former spouse or partner.

3. You can be Santa, really! Holiday spirit is alive and well – give the gift of giving, small or large. Being a secret Santa will make a difference to someone special.

2. Life is too short to harbor grudges. Set the ghost of Christmas past free to roam elsewhere. Don’t let resentment steal your joy in the present.

1. Embrace today with all the love and light it holds, then pass it on…

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