Discussing Collaborative Divorce with Your Spouse – A Guide from a Family Attorney in Miami

Discussing Collaborative Divorce with Your Spouse – A Guide from a Family Attorney in Miami

Are you keen to keep your divorce out of court? If so, a collaborative divorce could be the ideal solution for you. The question that remains is – would your spouse also be interested in taking this approach? Our guide, written by a family attorney in Miami, looks at reasons that may persuade your spouse to take this option.

Keeping the Case Out of The Courts

Any family lawyer will advise you to keep your divorce out of the courts if possible. While you’ll still need to have a final hearing before a judge, a settlement agreement speeds up the process. This process can settle uncontested divorces in approximately two minutes. For anyone with children, this is an especially welcome option.

Reducing Your Costs

One of the most appealing things about a collaborative divorce is the reduced cost that comes with it. Hiring the services of a family lawyer in Miami FL isn’t especially cheap in the first place. If you take the case to court, the costs will mount up considerably. Opting for a collaborative divorce is certainly a cheaper option. It dispenses with the expenses of a hearing, discovery, and trial.

Reducing the Time Involved

Once you’ve decided that divorce is the right option, it’s often best to get the procedure over with. Lots of time will go into preparing for a court case. Depositions and adversarial hearings are time-consuming. You’ll spend a considerable amount of time discussing issues with your family law attorney. Yes, it will cost you a lot of money. However, it’ll also cost you a lot in terms of time and effort. This can also be very distressing, especially if you will have to drag your children into the case. A collaborative divorce dispenses with all this additional time and energy.

Reducing the Negativity

Any family attorney will tell you that a divorce case can easily become combative and nasty. When a relationship breaks down completely, negative feelings can run high. As a result, an adversarial divorce can ensue. The collaborative divorce process is considerably less negative. Rather than focusing on the negative emotions, both partners can focus on finding a more positive solution. Instead of devoting energy to the fight, it’s best to resolve the conflict and issues through positive discussion. This is certainly the best case for any family with children who may be negatively affected by conflict.

The Collaborative Process of Law

Although we’re discussing the collaborative process of family law relating to divorce, it’s applicable to other cases as well. The collaborative process is also available for child support, paternity, and other cases involving family law. Of course, some cases are not suitable for a collaborative approach. If, for example, there is a safety issue that needs addressing, you will require the courts. Nevertheless, collaborative family law processes are often a useful alternative to filing a case with the court. Even if you have already started litigation proceedings, you can stop them in favor of a collaborative approach. For many clients, this turns out to be the best solution.

Interested in The Collaborative Approach?

If you think you could benefit from a collaborative approach to your divorce proceedings, contact us today. As experts in family law in Miami Florida, we can advise you whether this is the best approach for you and you’ll receive the best possible legal advice. We can help you approach your divorce in the right way for your family and smooth the process on your behalf.

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