Co-parenting isn’t easy, but isn’t unattainable either.

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez pens an honest essay about raising a son with ex-husband/actor, Josh Lucas. Her words ring true to many ears when she says, “What I know now and desperately needed to hear then is this: Let go of the family you thought you’d be and accept the family that you are. Redefine your reality. It won’t be easy and there will be days when it feels nearly impossible. You will feel guilt, but you are not guilty. You will feel shame, but you did nothing shameful. You will feel regret, but you did the right thing. There is a space that exists between the family that you were and the family that you’ll end up being. You’re not alone in that space.”

Co-parenting isn’t easy, but isn’t unattainable either. Ms. Henriquez puts her finger of the pulse of how to make it work: BE FLEXIBLE. Families aren’t static, so being open to modifying the status quo is the key to success. Kids evolve and circumstances change in life. Parenting needs to change with the times, too.

Need someone to relate to? Read MS. Henriquez’s essay here:

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