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Florida Keys Probate Law: What Are My Rights As A Beneficiary To An Estate In The Florida Keys?

By Aislynn Thomas-McDonald / December 30, 2020 /

Your rights as a beneficiary will differ depending on whether the deceased individual had a will in place. For example, were you listed in the will as a beneficiary? Are you the child or next-of-kin of someone who died intestate (without a will)? Spouses, children and heirs by operation of the law all have different…

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A Last Will and Testament Lawyer’s Guide to Disinheritance in Florida

By Aislynn Thomas-McDonald / October 31, 2020 /

Not all parents have good relationships with their children. In such cases, parents may have questions when they visit a last will and testament lawyer. For parents whose children’s behavior has been egregious, it’s common to eventually give up on ever having positive relationships. However, are such parents obliged to leave an inheritance to their…

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What Are the Grounds for Divorce in Florida?

By Aislynn Thomas-McDonald / October 21, 2020 / Comments Off on What Are the Grounds for Divorce in Florida?

If you’ve decided you don’t want to remain married, you’re probably wondering what the grounds for divorce in Florida are. Which legal and legitimate reasons can you give for separating from your husband or wife?  Unfortunately, when you want to get a divorce in Florida, the state requires more from you than simply paying a…

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Is It Essential to Get Parental Consent for Minors to Receive Therapy in Florida?

By Aislynn Thomas-McDonald / September 30, 2020 /

One area of law that prospective adoptive parents ask adoption lawyers about relates to parental consent. Specifically, they often ask us whether it’s essential to get parental consent for minors to receive therapy. Here, we take a closer look at this issue as it relates to both intact and separated families.  Can Therapists in Florida…

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An Overview of Stepparent Adoption Inquiries

By Aislynn Thomas-McDonald / September 18, 2020 /

Adoption lawyers in Miami, FL, often have to address stepparent adoption inquiries. There is one surprisingly common question that frequently arises. This relates to whether the court must notify the biological father if the stepparent wishes to adopt the child. The answer to this will depend on the facts of the case. Here, we’ll look…

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Is Signed Consent The Same Thing as A Written Agreement When It Comes to Changing Your Estate Share?

By Aislynn Thomas-McDonald / August 31, 2020 /

When it comes to probate proceedings, most are uncontested. In virtually every respect, this is a good thing. However, there’s a downside. Since nobody is contesting anything, mistakes can happen. For example, the family may consent to a homestead order against the will of the decedent. If everybody affected by this error agrees to live…

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Is It Possible Under Florida Law to Get Sole Parental Responsibility?

By Aislynn Thomas-McDonald / August 17, 2020 /

If you’re going through a divorce, you could face a legal battle. While some couples can split amicably, many fight over several issues. One area in which disagreements regularly arise is child custody. If you have children and are divorcing your partner, coming to an arrangement regarding their custody is vital. A common question that…

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Are DIY Wills Legal? A Florida Attorney’s Guide

By Aislynn Thomas-McDonald / July 30, 2020 / Comments Off on Are DIY Wills Legal? A Florida Attorney’s Guide

The value of having a will is becoming better understood these days. Therefore, more people in Florida are wondering what the answer is to the question, “Are DIY wills legal?” This is because they’re looking for the simplest and most convenient way to draw up a legal will. The answer to this question is, yes,…

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What Should I Look for in The Best Probate Lawyer in The Florida Keys

By Aislynn Thomas-McDonald / July 23, 2020 /

When a loved one dies, finding the best probate lawyer in the Florida Keys is essential. There are several reasons why you may be responsible for seeking out the best probate attorney in the Upper Keys. These include: • Your loved one named you the personal representative or executor in his or her will. •…

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A Guide to Florida Urgent Estate Planning and Time-Sharing Problems for Couples Divorcing During Coronavirus

By Aislynn Thomas-McDonald / June 26, 2020 /

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major upheavals around the world. However, one unexpected consequence has been a spike in the number of divorce filings. Having to spend so much time in close quarters has led many couples to realize they cannot save their marriage. This, in turn, has led to a need for urgent estate…

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