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Protecting what matters most.

Getting divorced is like eating an elephant.
How do you do it? One bite at a time.


Miami Probate Attorney, Family Law and More

A Miami Florida Probate Attorney’s Guide to DIY Wills

Seeking Advice from The Best Probate Attorney in Miami Are you considering hiring a probate attorney in Miami to draw up your will? Perhaps, you’re considering making a DIY will to try to save money? Here, we look at some…

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A Family Lawyer’s Guide to High-Asset Divorces in Miami

Getting a divorce is stressful and often frightening. Ending a marriage is not something you enter into lightly. No matter the situation, there is always a lot at stake. In cases where the couple has substantial assets, the outcome can…

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Mediation is a dispute settlement process run by a trained third party, called a mediator. Pre-suit Divorce Mediation is intended to bring two parties together to reach a resolution in an attempt to avoid taking their divorce to court. Mediation…

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Time Sharing Disputes

Florida no longer uses “custody” when regarding this legal matter. Rather, they use the word “time sharing” to refer to the time both parents will be sharing with their child. All in all, timesharing concerns the best interest of the…

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Domestic Violence Defense / Family Violence Attorney

Domestic violence is a very serious matter. If you’ve fallen victim to any form of assault, don’t keep quiet. We are here to help. Your voice is your strongest weapon and you can use it to bring justice against the…

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Adoptions (and Surrogacy Agreements)

In every adoption, our goals are: To insure that each child is adopted by a loving family that will provide the child with parents who are good role models and a permanent, stable, financially and emotionally secure home. We handle…

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Collaborative Divorce Process

Collaborative family law is a legal process enabling couples who have decided to separate or end their marriage to work with their lawyers and, on occasion, other interdisciplinary professionals (mental health and financial advisors) in order to avoid the uncertain outcome of court…

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Paternity Actions

In Florida, a paternity case is similar to a divorce case without property or alimony issues. Unmarried parents deal with the same child custody, visitation and child support issues as married parents who divorce. We represent both mothers who want…

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Pre-nuptial Agreements

Many people ask whether they should enter into a prenuptial agreement before getting married.  For Florida residents, there are many non-adversarial reasons to enter into a prenuptial agreement. Many people ask whether they should enter into a prenuptial agreement before…

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Estate Planning (Wills and Trusts)

Creating a last will and testament is an important step to make sure your assets, or estate—the real estate, cash, and personal property that you own—are properly distributed after your death. After any major life change, like a new addition to your…

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Probate Process

Loss of a loved one is a difficult time for family and friends.  We have helped guide many families through these times. We will help you from the start to the end of the probate process.    We will provide help…

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Exploring a guardianship is undoubtedly a difficult time for any family.  The Thomas McDonald Law Firm specializes in voluntary and involuntary guardianship proceedings for minors and adults and can navigate you and your loved ones through a complicated guardianship proceeding….

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Caring, Compassionate, Collaboration

Family disputes are a natural part of life and there is nothing shameful, or more difficult, than going through a difficult family experience – it is a privilege for me to walk alongside someone through that process and make it to the other side of promise and opportunity. The unique factors of every client’s story keep me engaged and challenged by this career choice.

I have affordable fees to preserve your assets, I care about client’s maintaining their emotional well-being, and client’s controlling their outcome with non-litigation options to resolve family disputes. Court intervention is the last resort, not the default option.

Understand client’s objectives and goals at onset of attorney/client relationship. Determine together what is best route to achieve the client’s objectives and work harmoniously toward reaching objective as effectively, efficiently and as caringly as possible.

We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned,
so as to have the life that is waiting for us to embrace.


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